1995-99 Buick Riviera

1995,96,97,98,99 Buick Riviera stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Gently pull outward on left and right windshield pillar panels to release (2) snap clips and extract each one.
2)Unsnap side dash panels and remove (1) 7mm screw from behind each.
3)Extract (6) plastic push-pin fasteners from under front edge of upper dash pad.  Pull outward to remove the bottom panel of the upper dash pad.
4)Extract (5) 7mm screws securing upper dash pad, lift up and outward to remove pad.
5)Carefully pull outward on dash / instrument bezel to release clips, unplug and remove bezel.
6)Extract (3) 7mm screws from climate control module, unplug and remove module.
7)Extract (4) 7mm screws securing radio, unplug connectors, antenna lead, and remove radio.