1994-96 Pontiac Trans Sport

1994,95,96 Pontiac Trans Sport stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Open the glove box door and remove the (2) phillips-head screws at the right edge of the console.
2)Extract (1) 9/32 inch hex screw from the interior fan motor cover.
3)On the driver's side, extract the (3) 9/32 inch hex screws just below the steering column, one above the hood release, one above the diagnostics plug, and one at the left side of the center console.
4)With the (3) screws extracted from the under dash cover there is (1) spring clip holding it, unsnap and remove the cover.
5)Release the (4) spring clips holding the panel along the bottom of the instrument cluster.  Remove the panel.
6)Extract the (4) 10mm bolts holding the metal steering column access panel, remove the bolts.
7)Extract the (2) phillips-head screws along the left edge of the console which become accessible from "step 6".
8)Slide the center console straight outward, unplug all the electrical connectors and remove.
9)Extract the (2) 10mm bolts underneath the front edge of the radio.
10)Extract the (2) T-15 Torx bolts above the front edge of the radio.
11)Slide the radio out of the dash, unplug all the connectors and the antenna.  Remove the radio.

The 2 main things you will need when installing your new stereo is a wiring adapter and a dash kit.

Wiring Adapter

The wiring adapter is a piece which has a plug on one end and wiring sticking out of the other end. The plug connects to the factory wiring, and the wires are connected to the matching color wiring on the new stereo. This allows for connecting a new stereo without having to cut the factory wires.

Dash Kit

car stereo wiring adapter

Stock stereos have varying sizes, and if you just place an aftermarket stereo in the hole left by a stock stereo then there will be gaps around the stereo. The dash kit is a plastic piece which fits into the hole left by the stock stereo and fills in the gaps between the aftermarket stereo and the dash.