1992-94 Acura Vigor

1992,93,94 Acura Vigor stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Stereo Removal:
1)Extract the cover cap in between the heater control sliding adjuster controls and extract the screw behind.
2)Pull the heater controls assembly out of the dash, disconnect the connector and remove.
3)Extract the (2) screws securing the top of the radio assembly located in the heater control cavity.
4)Remove the ashtray and extract the (2) screws from this location
5)Remove the cover caps located in front of the console on each side of the console and extract the screw behind each
6)Lift up and remove the carpet, insert piece located in the console pocket.
7)Extract the (2) screws from the console pocket under the previously removed piece of carpet.
8)Carefully lift up on the console and slide it back away from the radio
9)Pull the radio dash bezel assembly away from the dash, unplug all connectors (see caution) and remove
10)Extract the (2) rear support bolts securing the rear of the radio to the subframe assembly structure and remove the radio from the front of the dash bezel

This radio is of the anti-theft design, incorporating a code system preventing the radio from functioning when power is disconnected and then reconnected.  To restore proper function it is necessary to enter the specific access code for the radio.  Check to make sure that the access code is readily available before disconnecting the radio.