1990-95 Toyota 4-Runner

1990,91,92,93,94,95 Toyota 4-Runner stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Stereo Removal:
1)Carefully snap off the ignition switch trim piece
2)Remove (2) screws from right side of the driver's side under dash trim piece (just above parking brake lever)
3)Remove (2) plastic push-in type fasteners from front of console / lower dash trim piece and remove trim piece.
4)Remove (1) screw from the left underside of the glove box and one bolt from the right underside of the glove box (below speaker location)
5)Open the glove box and remove (3) screws from the top side of the glove box, this will allow the glove box / speaker / dash section to be removed, disconnect the speaker leads and remove the dash section.
6)Remove (1) screw from right lower corner of dash / console (where left side of glove box meets the dash).
7)Carefully, pop off the climate control knobs and trim piece, then remove the screw at the top right of the climate control assembly, pull the dash trim away and disconnect the clock connector.  Now, remove the dash section that holds the radio.
8)Remove (4) screws securing radio, pull unit out of the dash, disconnect connector and remove the radio.