1990-93 Pontiac Trans Sport

1990,91,92,93 Pontiac Trans Sport stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Open the glove box to access the (2) screws on the right side that secure the radio trim.
2)From the driver's side remove the (3) screws from the belly trim piece: one at the hood release, one above the diagnostic connector and one at the lower backside of the console trim.
3)Release the spring clip from the top of the lower steering column trim piece and remove the trim.
4)Extract the (2) screws securing the left side of the radio trim and remove the trim.
5)Using a socket wrench, reach under the radio and remove the nut securing the bottom of the radio.
6)Extract (2) screws from the top radio bracket, pull the unit out, disconnect connectors & remove radio.