1990-93 Infiniti Q45

1990,91,92,93 Infiniti Q45 stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Remove the ashtray insert and extract (2) screws from inside the ashtray assembly.
2)Using a panel removal tool, lift upward on the shifter bezel to release the clips.  Disconnect the power window switches and remove the bezel.
3)Extract (2) screws below the ashtray in the shifter cavity.  Unplug the connectors and remove the ashtray assembly.
4)Extract (2) screws at the back of the shifter cavity securing the dash bezel.
5)Extract (2) screws at the bottom of the ashtray cavity securing the dash bezel.
6)Using a panel removal tool, carefully pry outward on the dash bezel releasing the clips securing it to the dash.  Unplug the defroster and remove.
7)Extract the (4) screws securing the radio to the dash.  Pull the unit out of the dash, unplug all connectors, and remove.

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