1990-93 Honda Accord

1990,91,92,93 Honda Accord stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Extract the (2) screws - one from each side of the console.  Lift off the console (for manual transmissions remove the shift level boot first).
2)Pull out the ashtray and extract the (2) screws securing the ashtray light and side housing.
3)Remove the (2) screws securing the rear of the radio (screws are located to the rear of the dash cavity, in the support bracket of the radio).
4)Pull the radio / pocket assembly out of the dash, flex the trim panel for radio support bracket clearance.

-For added bracket clearance, remove (2) screws that secure the bottom / backside of the radio trim - (1) from each side of the panel, located just below where the radio support screws were removed, then remove (2) screws from the panel just above the radio location.  Disconnect the connectors and remove the assembly.

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