1986-88 Oldsmobile Delta 88

19846,87,88 Oldsmobile Delta 88 stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Place the gear shift lever in the D1 position.  Pull the rubber steering column trim boot towards the rear of the car.
2)Remove the (4) screws from the heater control / vent trim panel.  Very carefully pull the entire trim panel away from the dash and remove the trim panel.
3)Extract the single screw from each end of the padded radio trim panel.
4)Remove the (4) screws from the bottom of the radio / dash trim panel.
5)Extract the (7) screws from the top of the radio / dash trim panel.
6)Unhook the ashtray / light wiring terminal located directly behind the ashtray.
7)Remove the trim panel.
8)Remove the (4) screws which secure the radio to the dash and slide the radio out of the cavity.  Disconnect the antenna, speaker leads and all the electrical connections, then remove the radio.