1985-88 Toyota Cressida (Sedan / Wagon)

1985,86,87,88 Toyota Cressida stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Remove (2) #8 phillips head sheet metal screws from directly above radio.
2)Remove ashtray and carefully pull on bottom of radio trimpanel until panel moves rearward approximately 1/4 inch.  In doing this, the air conditioner control button trimplate will snap loose and partially move away from the dash.
3)Using a panel removal tool, push down on small tab located directly below the defroster button in air conditioning control button cluster.  Remove the trim plate from the dash.
4)Remove (2) #8 phillips head sheet metal screws from the top of the radio trimpanel behind the air conditioning trimpanel.
5)Pull the panel away from the dash, unhook the two wiring harnesses and remove the trimpanel.
6)Remove (4) phillips head / 8mm hex head machine screws which secure the radio, slide the radio out of cavity, disconnect three wiring terminals and remove radio