1983-88 Ford Ranger

1983,84,85,86,87,88 Ford Ranger stereo removal instructions to help you remove your radio fast!

Radio Removal:
1)Remove the knobs from the radio.
2)Remove (4) screws from the top leading edge of the instrument cluster trim panel.  Carefully pry the top edge loose.
3)Carefully pry out the trim strip below the dash pocket, right and left of the ashtray strip.
4)Depress the spring clip behind light switch knob and remove knob.  Carefully pry out the trim strip from this location.
5)Remove the remaining (4) screws from the bottom edge of the instrument cluster trim panel and remove the panel.
NOTE: If the truck is not equipped with a radio unscrew the dummy plate covering the radio openings in the trim panel.
6)Remove (4) screws securing the radio assembly to the dash.  Pull the radio out.  Disconnect the power, antenna, and all speaker and electrical connections.

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